My New Assistant...


Recently my nephew, Keylin, asked me if he could come and work for me. He wanted to learn all about photography. So he came up to the farm and spent the weekend while my Fall Mini Sessions were going on. He did a great job assisting me! He greeted each client, brought them over to where I was set up, and helped me during the sessions. He helped get babies to smile, and took many of his own shots from a different angle. I honestly couldn’t have done it without him! And I probably won’t ever host a mini session without him there! He will continue to work for me until he has earned enough to buy my starter camera to have as his own. For now, he is the unofficial owner, because when he comes to my house, he immediately goes to the closet and gets it out and has it around his neck for pretty much the whole time he’s here.


During our mini session weekend, between shoots, we drove all around Weston so that he could practice taking his own pictures. Here are some of my favorites that he took! These were ALL taken in Manual Mode (meaning, he had to set the shutter speed, aperture and ISO himself - he didn’t let the camera do it for him! Wow! It took me YEARS to get the hang of manual!)

He even got a decent picture of me! That hardly ever happens, since I’m always BEHIND the camera!

Keylin, I’m so proud of you, not only for how quickly you’re catching on to photography, but for the person you are becoming. You are kind, compassionate, helpful, hard-working and strong! I couldn’t possibly love you more!