After photographing hundreds of sessions for almost 15 years now, I’ve been pretty much everywhere you can think of in the Kansas City area. There are certain locations I’ve used several times, and certain locations I will never use again.

This gives me a unique perspective when families are looking for that perfect location. There are many things to consider, because what might be perfect for your family, might not work at all for another. Here are a few things to consider before choosing a location for your Kansas City photoshoot.

1 . One of the first things to think about, obviously, is where you are located. I have clients contact me from Pleasant Hill, to Leawood, to St Joseph, and everywhere in between. People who aren’t from here, don’t realize that when we say we’re from “Kansas City”, we really mean that we’re from anywhere within a 50 mile radius.


Lucky for you - I don’t mind travelling! A lot of photographers charge extra for mileage. I consider my mileage a business expense and have already factored that into my business plan, so I don’t nickel and dime you after you’ve chosen your package. The exception to this would be for travel outside of the Greater Kansas City area. Yes, I’ve been known to book weddings and other events in other states! Anyone need a photographer in Hawaii? I can make myself available! ;)


2 . Another thing to consider is your vision and style. What look and feel are you hoping for. We are lucky enough in the Kansas City area to have a wide variety of locations available to us - from urban settings and modern scenes, to rustic venues and wide open spaces. No matter what look you’re after, we will find the perfect place for you!


3 . Something else to think about is crowds and bystanders. Certain locations are more populated than others. Don’t mind a crowd or waiting for onlookers to move along? Perfect! You’ll have plenty of places to choose from. Lots of people make you nervous, or uncomfortable with strangers sneaking a glance at your session? Then we can narrow it down to more secluded locations. If you fall into the latter category, one of my favorite places to shoot at is right here on my own private property. There may be an occasional dog running around interested in what we’re doing, or one of my kids riding by on a 4 - wheeler, but other than that, we will have complete privacy for a more relaxed experience.


4. And lastly make sure that you and your photographer have researched the fees and permits required at each location before making your decision. Some public places do not have set requirements, while others will have anywhere from $10 parking fees to $100 permit requirements. If you are working with a professional, they should have this information and give it to you before your session is booked so that it isn’t unexpected.


No matter where you choose to schedule your photoshoot, remember that the most important thing about your photos will be who is in them. When looking back on these images, it won’t be the backdrop or scenery that tug at your heart strings. It will be the faces of the ones that you love.

Next up, I will give a complete guide to my top 10 favorite photoshoot locations in Kansas City, including everything you need to know before scheduling a session there.

Interested in booking your very own photoshoot, but not sure if I’m the right photographer for you? Check out my article titled How to Choose the Right Photographer. If you think we’d be a good match, let’s get to planning!

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